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Christmas Gifts

Gift ideas for the Festive Season...

We are currently putting together some more ideas, and details will appear here shortly, so please come back and take a look soon.

Dining table jars with a Crafted Preserve

Antique and old cut-glass, or classic pottery marmalade or jam jars look splendid on any dining table, even just as a decorative item. And if they can be, why not use them for their intended purpose? They are perfect for bringing out the rich colours of a well-made preserve, and together they make lovely presents.

Here are some with Marmalades...
...and a few more with Jams
...or some classic Porcelain.
And talking of classic Porcelain...
We like to plant cups, bowls and jugs with spring bulbs such as Allium and Crocus. In the new year, after a few weeks, they will flower into colourful table decorations.

Crafted Preserves

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