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Starting with a mixture of onions and apples; white onions and cooking apples for sharpness; red onions and eating apples for a little sweetness...

After deciding on the style, we create a recipe and assemble the ingredients...

How we make a Chutney...

Demerara sugar for colour and spiced malt vinegar are the main preservatives

Building the body and flavours; sweet peppers, ginger and garlic; rounded with balsamic vinegar and a good splash of Worcestershire sauce

Dried fruit to complement the tanginess of the vinegars; prunes, raisins and sultanas

The selected spices give the signature flavours

Chop, grate, crush and squeeze the ingredients to the right size and consistency

Into the pot, heating gently to a boil; cook at a good simmer until a “spreadable” consistency has been reached, retaining enough moisture for the flavours to mature

Cheer Up! Chilli Chutney


Enjoy with salads, cold meats and cheeses


Lovely as an accompaniment to honey-roast gammon

It then goes into sterilized jars, and kept in a cool dry place to mature for three or four weeks, (the flavours develop and improve with time), and finally  we have...

Crafted Preserves

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