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Full of the fruits of summer...

Some we have made lately

Summer's First

Plum Jam

2017 has been a bumper year for some soft fruit varieties and plums ripened really early. Andrew had a large excellent crop on his trees at the allotment, and this is the first jam with this year's produce.

Blueberry & Plum Jam

We tried this combination for the first time last year. This year we have added a good slosh of Welsh Blueberry Whiskey Liqueur.

Hedgerow Jam with Elderflower Cordial

Combining blackberries, raspberries, red and blackcurrants with a little sharpness from the elderflower gives a great alternative for a cream tea.

Damson Jam

2017 has also been a good year for damsons, and Helen's trees provided plenty for pies and jam alike. The quality of the fruit made this a winner with everyone who tried it.

Hedgerow Jam

The regular combination of soft fruits but with a little extra helping of raspberries in this one.

Three Berry Jam

Raspberries are not everyone's favourite, so for those of that persuasion, this is their version of Hedgerow Jam.

Preserving fruit using honey was a technique dating back to Roman times, creating a luxury item. It wasn't until sugar cane was transplanted from India and southern Europe into the Americas that sugar was changed from a rare spice and became the commodity that is today, making such a large contribution to cuisines all around the globe. Its property as a preservative is the key essential in creating all sorts of our favourite conserves, curds, jellies and jam.

Crafted Preserves

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