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The sharp taste of citrus...

Some we have made lately

Their origins go back for centuries, but marmalades became popular in early Victorian times and variations appeared for all citrus fruits in many combinations. As well as a breakfast time favourite, they are really well suited for making cakes and pastries.

Whiskey Jack Marmalade


Seville oranges with finely grated root ginger, all topped off with a big slosh of Bourbon Whiskey.

Bucks Fizz

Orange Marmalade


Made with Seville oranges and Spanish sparkling wine.

Orange & Ginger



For those who love that sharp ginger taste.

Lemon Prosecco



Made with the ever popular sparkling wine from Italy.

Honey & Ginger

Lemon Marmalade


With the tartness of the lemons complimented by the ginger, and Colin & Jane's Ashdale Honey from their Netherton Hives.

Crafted Preserves

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