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Even the simplest of preserves can have the most scrumptious of flavours...

Some we have made lately

Pickled Onions


Bite sized onions, firm and crunchy - the sharpness that Cheddar Cheese was invented for.

Pickled Red Cabbage


Some people say there would be no point to a corned beef sandwich if it were not for pickled cabbage to go with it.

Smashing with pork or game pies as well!

Pickled Beetroot


The Daddy of all the pickles. Rich and tangy,  just the thing to make a ploughman yearn for his lunch.

Pickling Vinegar


The most often used is plain malt vinegar, but depending on what is being made, we also use cider, red wine and white wine vinegars. Vinegars made from sherry, and rice wine are used as flavourings, along with our favourite - balsamic for a sharp nutty finish.

Pickling Spices


When using malt vinegar for pickling, we almost always heat it and add picking spices. As the pickle matures, the flavours then permeate right into what's in the jar.


We use crushed allspice berries and dried bay leaves,  along with mustard seeds and peppercorns as a common basis for our pickling spice. Then depending on what is being pickled, we add a combination of any of cardamom seeds, celery seeds, cinnamon, coriander seeds, cloves, dill, dried chillies, dried ginger, fennel seeds, grated nutmeg, juniper berries, mace and star anise.

Crafted Preserves

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